We Umaa Engineers, are a manufacturing of a wide variety of Industrial Bolts, High Tensile Fasteners, Cold Forged Fasteners, Cylinder Head Studs and more.
High Tensile Fasteners
Industrial Bolts
Cold Forged Fasteners
Hot Forged Fasteners
Knurled Fasteners
Turned Parts
Hot Forged Bolts
Precision Bolts
Hardened Dowel Pins
Rocker Arm Adjusting Screws
Idlers Kick Starter
Adjuster Spindle
Hardened Pin
Machined Fasteners
Shafts Pins
Auto Turned Parts
Induction Hardened Fasteners
Fastener Plugs
Precision Turned Parts
Forged Hardened Fasteners
Metal Screws
Fasteners Industries
Cylinder Head Studs
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